Scientific Council

Technological advances have changed the world in our presence. Medicine is the driving force behind these changes today. ICR has gathered a group of outstanding professionals – practitioners who ,on the basis of the available scientific knowledge, develop standards of medical service in insurance.

The composition of the Scientific Council

dr n. med. Małgorzata Anna Burzyńska-Makuch


lek. med. Tomasz Doroczyński

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

lek. med. Sylwia Justyna Drewa

radiology and medical imaging

dr n. med. Witold Dudziński

medical rehabilitation

lek. med. Jerzy Faliszewski

general surgery and urology

dr n. med. Arkadiusz Formejster

general surgery, insurance medicine and certification

lek. med. Elżbieta Glapska


lek. med. Barbara Glück


dr n. med. Maciej Idzior

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

dr n. med. Andrzej Kałużny

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

lek. med. Piotr Kowalski

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology, insurance medicine and certification

dr n. med. Wojciech Kurnicki


dr n. med. Bartosz Mańkowski

general surgery

dr n. med. Jaromir Mijal

general surgery

dr n. med. Witold Neuman


dr n. med. Tomasz Olędzki

general surgery and medical rehabilitation

lek. med. Robert Owerkowicz

gynecology and obstetrics

lek. med. Krystian Pawlak

general and cardiothoracic surgery

lek. med. Barbara Południewska

otolaryngology and allergology

lek. med. Paweł Skotarczak

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

lek. med. Paweł Skrzywanek


lek. med. Marcin Staszek

general surgery and orthopedics

lek. med. Piotr Stencel

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

lek. med. Grzegorz Stępień

general and orthopedic surgery

dr n. med. Marek Waldemar Stępień

general and pediatric surgery

dr n. med. Dorota Strzałkowska

internal diseases and cardiology

lek. med. Adam Sus

general surgery and orthopedics

lek. med. Marek Szczepaniec

orthopedics and motor organs traumatology

lek. med. Jan Thomas

general surgery

dr n. med. Wojciech Zieliński

general and vascular surgery
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A few sentences about the methodology of work

The starting point of our work is always a team of specialists from various fields assigned to develop standards for medical services in the category of diseases. We are involved in the most common injuries and damages resulting from traffic accidents, although this does not take place a s a rule. It may happen that a seemingly small amount of injuries raises a huge problem on the assessment of their consequences. Collecting the available scientific knowledge in the field and its collision with the multidisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment usually takes several months. Team meetings and the results of the work are just being developed in the form of a service model. It is time for consultants and specialists. Implementation, testing, patches, constitute a natural sequence of things.
Monitoring and evaluation of the implemented solutions are very important things to which we pay a lot of attention. More and more new research and treatments appear on the market and they can completely change the accepted assessment standards and rules of conduct with victims. Rating appropriate solutions takes place not less frequently than once every six months. Keeping up with changes and implementing them into our tools is what distinguishes our company. Ourteam, unlike others, is capable of combining the latest treatments and diagnostic methods with operational tools and translate the process into the insurance market demands.